GPMI is your complete contract manufacturing source for precision steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and composite products – delivered through a highly skilled and empowered team.

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Working With GPMI

When you choose GPMI, your choose a partner for all metal manufacturing solutions. With over 80 CNC machining centers and in-house heat treating, GPMI is well-equipped to meet your build to print needs.

  • Over 80 CNC machining centers with over 100,000 square feet of machining area
  • Fully automated turning & milling centers, centerless grinding, honing, bar feed turning, and more
  • In-plant jig grinding, thread grinding, wire EDM, assembly, CMM inspection
  • In-plant heat treating and black oxide
  • Dow integral quench, carburizing, and through-hardening furnaces
  • Extensive array of support equipment in every department

  • Over 150 highly trained and experienced employees
  • Dedicated engineering and project management support from award through program launch
  • Full-time CAD/CAM programming team using the latest Mastercam technology, with direct linkage to all CNC centers
  • Quick turnaround of production quotes with input from engineering and production staff
  • Daily delivery service throughout southern Michigan
  • Ample space to expand and continued readiness to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to support your program

Join us in manufacturing our way to the future.

Our Customers

While all of our customers have unique requirements, they all started with a common desire: reduced down-time and risk. They needed quality products, competitive prices, innovative engineering, and guaranteed delivery on-time, every time. That’s why they chose – and continue to rely on – GPMI. Some of the companies we work with include:

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