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Complete Press Tooling Systems

We believe in synergy, which is why we offer comprehensive solutions that span from press tooling components to extrusion dies. These extrusion tools work hand in hand enabling us to eliminate downtime and enhance the quality and efficiency of your operations.

Elevate Your Efficiency with Our Integrated Approach

Precision Engineering for Peak Performance

Our commitment to excellence extends to the precision engineering of our tools. When you partner with us, you can trust that our tools are precision-machined to function flawlessly. This commitment to precision translates into a high first-time run rate for our customers.

The Full Extrusion Tooling Package

Working with us means you can receive the full package of extrusion tooling needs. This holistic approach ensures that every element functions together, resulting in smoother operations, improved quality, and enhanced efficiency for our valued customers.

Expertly Crafted Press Tooling

  • DIE RINGS: Our die rings are precision-crafted to meet your unique specifications, ensuring the utmost accuracy and performance.
  • STEMS: Count on us to machine stems to your exact requirements, providing the precision your extrusion processes demand and the safety your team members deserve.
  • CONTAINERS, LINERS, & HEATING SYSTEMS: From refacing and relining containers to crafting new container assemblies and full heating systems, our efficient liner removal and installation system guarantees swift turnarounds for all your container needs.
  • ALIGNMENT TOOLS: We offer top-tier alignment tools to streamline press alignment checks, enhancing extrusion efficiency.
  • DUMMY BLOCKS: We offer a full line of dummy blocks including our quick-change dummy blocks which are designed for seamless rotation, reducing extruder downtime. With a substantial on-hand inventory, we offer rapid shipping options for dummy blocks.
  • SHEAR BLADES: Custom-designed and precision-built shear blades ensure optimal performance for your extrusion press operations.
  • CLEANOUT BLOCKS: For both cold and hot applications, our cleanout blocks fulfill both front loading and rear loading extrusion press requirements.
  • DIE CASSETTES, DIE RELINERS, & HORSESHOES: Precision-machined to exact specifications and crafted to improve the efficiency of your extrusion operations.
  • PRESSURE RINGS & PLATES: Achieve operational excellence with our platen pressure rings and ram stem pressure plates, meticulously machined to ensure correct press alignment and quality extrusions.


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