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Valley Enterprises, GGIT

Enhancing Cargo Management with Advanced Capabilities

We excel in crafting state-of-the-art cargo management systems. Our approach ensures optimal design and quality. Harnessing the power of finite element analysis (FEA) and in-house rapid prototyping enables us to develop innovative systems and launch new programs with unparalleled efficiency and speed-to-market.

Why Choose US?

Our Commitment to Intelligent Design

We integrate current market trends into our cargo management designs, surpassing expectations for both OEMs and consumers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail, from intuitive layouts to visually appealing features, setting new benchmarks in functionality and aesthetics.

Seamless Integration of Components

We understand the significance of seamlessly integrated components in cargo management systems. Hinges, handles, latches, hooks, cargo nets, and dividers work harmoniously within our designs to provide a cohesive and user-friendly experience. This attention to detail ensures that our cargo management systems continue to set the standard.

Finishes that Fit

We recognize that cargo management is not only about functionality but also about presenting a refined image. That’s why we offer a range of options, including tufted or non-woven carpet finishes, washable and waterproof surfaces, and more. These finishing touches add a touch of personalization to our cargo management systems, making them a true reflection of your vehicle.

Beyond Just-in-Time: In-Line Vehicle Sequencing

Our approach transcends the conventional just-in-time methodology. We take pride in our ability to provide parts precisely in the order they will be utilized on the assembly line. This ensures optimal efficiency and streamlined production, enabling OEMs to maintain uninterrupted productivity.

Experience the Future of Cargo Management

Partner with us to explore a new era of cargo management capabilities. Our utilization of cutting-edge technologies like FEA and in-house rapid prototyping guarantees designs that are both innovative and reliable. Develop solutions that blend intelligent design, integrated components, and luxurious finishes – all under our promise of excellence.

Sports equipment organized on the the multi-level cargo-management-system inside a Ford Expedition.


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