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Valley Enterprises, GGIT

Excellence in Automotive Interior Trim Processes

Our automotive interior trim processes are elevated to an art form. We specialize in a comprehensive range of techniques, each meticulously tailored to produce flawless interior components. No cookie-cutter solutions here – our diverse set of processes ensures a harmonious fit for your components while strategically optimizing costs and expediting time to market.

Variations of surface features for U-SKIN technology.


Our innovative surface technology provides customizable, tough, and functional applications for automotive applications.

Inside a compression molding press, part of the composite spray molding process.

Composite Spray Molding (Baypreg)

Our advanced composite spray molding technology ensures lightweight, low profile, rigid load floor substrates.

A view inside a compression molding press as an operator removes a molded composite panel.

Compression Molding

Our mastery of compression molding opens doors to shaping high-strength substrates, such as, natural fiber, fiberglass composites, and carpet.

A group of operators working in a carpet molding production area.

Other manufacturing methods

Our expertise in injection molding, twin sheet molding, and thermoforming enable us to provide you with the best process choice available.

A robot applies glue to an automotive interior trim part.

Secondary Operations

Our proficiency extends far beyond these processes. From automated edge wrapping to sonic welding, each process showcases our dedication to achieving excellence from every angle.


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18 strategic locations in North America to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

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