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Die Shop Equipment

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about safety and efficiency on the shop floor, and we enjoy sharing our full line of safety equipment with your die shop.

Die Ring Loader

Our robust design can handle dies from 8” – 26” in diameter and eliminates safety challenges which often occur during the die assembly process.

Die Vise Polishing Workbench

Crafted with the die corrector in mind, it’s adjustable, it’s safe, and it’s equipped to make the job more comfortable and efficient.

Turntable and Polishing Station

Typical die inspections can be a major safety concern and very time consuming, so we developed a station that is safe and efficient.

Die Vises and Accessories

A die vice that’s safe, stable, and easy to use. Our design can handle dies 6” – 20” in diameter with a weight up to 1000lbs.

Die Ejector

Reduce employee injuries and increase efficiency with individually engineered ejectors that are custom made to fit your specific die rings and die sizes.

MagnApart Die Splitter

Eliminating the old hammer and wedge method, which is dangerous and time-consuming, we developed the MagnApart to magnetically pull dies and mandrels apart.


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