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Whether you need a single die, a quick-change tooling system, or a comprehensive end-to-end solution, we have the experience to deliver. We’re experts in extending die life, reducing downtime, and reducing tool costs.

Extend Die Life

Through careful consideration of tool steel, heat treatment, and surface treatments, we can help you experience a 2-3x improvement in die life.

Reduce Downtime

Our quick-change tooling systems and insert designs allow rapid change-over, eliminating the need to remove the entire die block assembly to change out a single die.

Reduce Tool Costs

With our stocking program for high-usage tools, our customers take advantage of lightning fast lead times and bulk pricing with the convenience of paying only when we ship.

Full Forge Tooling Systems

Forge tooling is all we do. We understand the nuances of the forging process, and how every tool must work seamlessly together to maximize productivity. That’s why we take a holistic approach to tooling design, optimizing every part of the system for your unique operating parameters. Our technical experts are committed to making sure your machines run as efficiently as possible.

Quick-Change Tooling Systems

Removing and replacing dies individually can take hours. With our quick-change tooling, the process can be done in under 20 minutes. Multiplied over the course of a year, our customers typically see a savings upwards of $100,000 per forging machine per year. It’s worth noting that it also allows you to set up tooling “offline” to exact, repeatable stack heights, ensuring the first part is a good part while improving the safety of your team members.

Dies, Punches & Mandrels

Our dies, punches, and mandrels are built to last, which is critical in our fast-paced industry. Our tooling enables our customers to produce highly repeatable, quality forgings quickly.

Bolsters & Cassettes

Our bolsters and cassettes are made for optimal strength, compatibility, and ease of maintenance ensuring precision and reliability of your forged parts.

Stocking Programs

Our stocking program for critical and high usage tooling gives you the benefit of bulk pricing without the need for upfront purchases. It also helps shorten lead times, reduce inventory cost, and frees up floor space in your facility for more valuable activities.

Die Refurbishment

The breakdown and failure of a forging die is unavoidable. We’ll help you identify the failure mode and, if it makes sense to do so, repair the die. We use flood welding to enhance the repaired areas by using weld materials suited for each specific problem area.
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Our engineers helped reduce downtime by 87% and tooling costs by 10% for a forger of heavy truck components, simply by redesigning the punch holder and punch.

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