Plastic Extrusion Process

The plastic extrusion process is far more involved than simply manufacturing your parts. That is why, in addition to the extrusion process, we also specialize in an array of other services to help you develop your product and see it through to final production. And, throughout the course of the plastic extrusion process, we work to identify areas to drive cost out of your product and decrease time to market.


We also offer a variety of prototyping technologies to help our customers test their parts and optimize design before bringing them to market.


Single & Co-extrusion

With over 7,000 profiles produced to date, 99.99% quality, and 99.72% on-time delivery, you can be assured we have the expertise to deliver your products on-time and up to spec every time


In-House Tooling Design & Build

All prototype, production, and fabrication tooling is designed and built in-house allowing faster engineering changes and optimal part design


In-Line Processing

95% of parts we produce are done completely in-line, requiring no secondary processes or operations. This greatly improves efficiency and reduces run times and your products time to market


Secondary Operations

Keeping all secondary processes under one roof reduces time to market and eliminates non-value added costs associated with shipping. These include welding, CNC routering, thermal bending, and assembly


Material Testing Laboratory

In addition to in-line part testing, we also offer a comprehensive range of component level validations to ensure all your products performance criteria are met