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Silencing a Squeaky Seal: Material Matters

GPI, GT Plastics, Sierra, GPM

When a Tier 1 OEM supplier had a U-channel seal fail just weeks before delivery, our extrusion experts stepped in to help. A week later, the customer had a part with improved performance and reduced cost. More importantly, they had a part that actually worked.

The Challenge


The incumbent supplier’s seal didn’t set right. The walls of the U-Channel were collapsing and causing undue friction and squeaking. With a delivery date looming just weeks away, there was no time for a new design. The solution had to come from within the manufacturing process.

The solution


Through our testing and troubleshooting process, we identified a flaw in the incumbent supplier’s material choice. So we proposed a better grade of material that would perform given the current profile design.

In the span of five days we built the tooling in-house, completed a small production run, and delivered a dozen parts that actually worked.



A mistake in material selection can have devastating consequences in terms of process, performance, cost, and delivery time. There are three ways to avoid the peril of poor material selection:

  1. Never approach an extruder without knowing what types of materials will work for your part. At the very least, you need a basic understanding of extruded material characteristics. If you don’t know where to start, download a copy of Avoiding the Pitfalls of Plastic Process & Material Selection.
  2. Don’t allow an extruder to push you into their pet material. Make sure the material you choose is best for your part, not the extruder.
  3. If you’re unsure of an extruders experience working with a material, ask for samples of their past work that are similar to your design.


We are proud to present to you the cumulation of over 50 years of experience in extrusion. We’ve helped thousands of engineers just like you with their extruded seal design – and this guide truly is the next best thing to working directly with our seals specialists.

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