Automotive Interior Trim

Interior Trim

We manufacture with Baypreg®


Next to carbon fiber, Baypreg® has the highest strength-to-weight and lowest cost-to-strength ratios of any substrate in the marketplace today.


This makes it the best choice for load floor applications where it’s critical to minimize cost and weight while maximizing strength. Learn why more and more OEMs are insisting on using this newly emerging substrate…

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Horizontally Integrated


As a horizontally integrated manufacturer of engineered plastic products, our core processes include:

  • Profile Extrusion
  • Technical Blow Molding
  • Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming
  • Compression Molding
  • Two-Shot Injection Molding


So what does this mean for you? Most companies only specialize in one molding process, so no matter what application you have for your part, they can only bring ideas to the table that relate to that process even though it may not be the optimal process for making your product.


By leveraging the expertise of all of our business units, we are able to evaluate multiple processes and optimize part design and material selection.

A photo of a load floor with one wing in the upright position
A photo of a load floor with two wings in the upright position
A photo of an engineered seatback using Baypreg technology