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Gemini Group‘s New Visual Identity


We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new logo for all of Gemini Group!

We recognize that a logo can have a deep, personal meaning for a company, its founders, and its employees. Historically, we’ve been careful not to change the visual identity of the companies that have joined Gemini Group over the years. For the most part, each facility has kept its original logo or came together with similar business units to create “group” logos along the way. And while we loved each of our old logos individually, we did not love how they represented us as a collective.

One Team

Let’s be real. The “casserole” we had going on with 13 different logos was confusing, dated, and difficult to manage. It didn’t tell the story of who we are. We are a single, unified team with massive capabilities stretching across industries and even countries.

We are strong. We are one. We are Gemini Group…and it’s high time we look like it.


One Purpose

Although each of our business units serve different markets with different processes, they share a common purpose set forth by their original founders: to provide gainful employment and job security for the communities in which they operate.

We work every day to preserve that legacy. This means continuously improving; changing with the times to stay relevant and stay competitive. Gemini Group has grown tremendously over the years and we’ve come to the realization that this change is both necessary and inevitable to fulfill our purpose.


One Logo

So, with careful consideration and the upmost respect for our rich history, we worked with our 2nd generation owners, company leadership, employees, customers, and a leading marketing and design firm to unify the visual identity of all of our locations, business units, and segments.

Our new logo pays homage to our past and honors our commitment to the future of our employees. It will only strengthen our legacy as we continue to expand our footprint in the years to come.


We know this change will spark some questions for our employees, customers, and suppliers. We did our best to predict what those might be, but if you’re still left scratching your head after reading through the list below, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly using the form at the bottom of this page.

Why have you rebranded?

Our rebrand is the result of ongoing efforts to unite the company under one single identity and captivate all Gemini Group audiences. Gemini Group is a diverse organization made up of multiple business units with an abundance of product offerings. Prior to the rebrand, each business unit had its own visual identity with inconsistent visual and naming structures, dated designs, and a confusing brand architecture with no association to the parent company.

Is there anything I need to do as a result of this change?

No, legally our business units are keeping their names. For example, Valley Enterprises name will remain its legal name. POs are still sent to the same legal names and Invoices will be issued the same. The only change you’ll see is in our visual identity and branding.

Has the ownership of Gemini Group changed?

No, we are still a privately owned company with the same family ownership.

Can I still connect with Gemini Group on social media?

Yes. We will be updating our website and social media channels to reflect our new image, but all the pages and addresses will remain the same.

Will this impact your product and service offerings?

No. We will continue to provide a wide range of engineered plastic components and engineered tooling solutions.

Are all my contracts, PO’s, Invoices, etc. still valid?

Yes, and since we are not changing the legal names of any of our business units, they will remain valid.

Have payment details changed?

No, our logo has changed but our legal names and payment details remain the same.

Are all your certifications still valid?

Yes, all certifications are still valid.

Is Gemini Group still a Woman owned business?

Yes, Gemini Group is still a certified WBENC.

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