Equipment & Capabilities

Precision Machining Equipment and Capabilities

We are a horizontally integrated company, allowing us to invest in the state of the art equipment and fully automated lines to support our customers with a diverse range of precision CNC machining services.


People just like you turn to us every day to reduce lead times, cut costs, and streamline supply chains for their precision machined parts. Contact our team today to see if we’re a fit for you!

We’re armed with more than 100 CNC machine tools and over 150 highly skilled employees. This enables us to fulfill your custom CNC machining, finishing, and refurbishing needs – for parts up 118” x 59” and up to 50 tons – with short lead times and at a competitive price.

Large Format Equipment

(3) YCM, Toshiba, and Union Large Format Milling Machines | (1) Millutensil Spotting Press | Up to 158” x 118” x 180″ Table Size, 50 Ton Capacity

The exterior of a YCM double column milling machine.
The interior of a YCM double column milling machine.

Our large format milling machines and spotting press allow us to produce massive bolsters, cassettes, and other large format tooling.

Precision CNC Turning

(40) Okuma and Mazak CNC Lathes | Up to 24” diameter, 60” long

Our CNC lathe department includes over 40 late model Okuma and Mazak CNC lathes with 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-jaw chucking capabilities, as well as live milling capabilities. These machines are making chips on all shifts with full part inspection.


These machines easily accommodate high-mass materials with dead-on precision.

In addition to traditional CNC lathe capabilities, we can also produce off-center radial and face cut features, minimizing programming time and maximizing production efficiency.

Precision CNC Milling

(43) Okuma, Makino, and Mazak CNC Milling Machines | Up to 25” diameter, 50” long

Equipped with over 40 vertical and horizontal CNC milling centers from Okuma, Makino, and Mazak, we combine deep machining know-how and unique work holding fixtures to run our highly efficient and precise milling operation.


Our collection includes three to five axis high speed, high precision, and high-performance mills to accommodate an expansive range of part sizes and complexities.

ID/OD/Surface Grinding

(23) Okuma, Toyoda Myford, and Okamoto Grinders | Up to 15” diameter, 40” long

A close-up of an OD grinder in operation.
An ID grinder in operation.
Man overlooking a surface grinder in operation.

Our grind department contains over 20 precision machines for OD, ID, and surface grinding. This department is temperature and humidity controlled allowing us to hold the tight tolerances your toughest project requires.

Heat Treat / Black Oxide

2,000 lb Carburizing Batch Furnace | 2 Bar Vacuum | Salt Pot | Black Oxide | (7) Stage Hot System

A man loading a machined part into a heat treat furnace.

In-house heat treating and black oxide capability sets us apart from our competition.  We maintain a broad range of heat treating equipment, including a carburizing furnace, vacuum furnace, salt pots for high carbon steels, and a tempering furnace, allowing close monitoring of operations that are often outsources by other suppliers. In-house black oxide treatment provides another opportunity to save you time and cost vs maintaining a separate vendor.


Compare our cryogenically treated and coated tools head to head against your existing tooling to see how much additional tool life you can achieve!

Wire and Sinker EDM

(8) Fanuc and Makino Wire and Sinker EDM Machines

Examples of metal parts that have been shaped by wire EDM.

Our climate-controlled wire EDM department allows for small or odd-shaped angles and intricate contours. It is especially valuable for cutting pre-hardened steel, as it eliminates the need for heat treatment to soften and re-harden the material. EDM can also be used on exotic metals such as titanium, hastelloy, kovar, and inconel.

CMM Inspection

Faro Portable CMM Arms | (4) Zeiss, Wenzel and Brown, and Sharp CMMs | (2) Nikon Laser Scanners | PCDMIS software

A full view of a Wenzel CMM inspection machine.
A close-up of a precision machined part being inspected with CMM equipment.
A full view of a CMM inspection machine made by Accura.

Our facilities are armed with a full complement of large and small format CMM equipment by Zeiss, Wenzel, Brown & Sharp, and Nikon.  Inspection equipment is located in dedicated climate-controlled lab environments, with some units strategically located so operators can conduct critical in-process inspections without interrupting the flow of finished products going through final inspection.


We have recently added a Nikon laser scanner that allows comparing the finished product to a customer provided 3D CAD model, especially helpful when inspecting surface contours of complex geometries.

A man using a CMM machine to inspect a machined part.
Inspection of a metal forging die with a Nikon scanner.

We also employ Laser etching, pin marking, and other techniques to customize your part with permanent text, graphics, barcodes or logos.


Inspectors, supervisors and programmers receive extensive training regularly to assure each department has full knowledge of critical inspection processes and capabilities.


We maintain local logistics warehousing to accommodate incoming raw stock (castings and forgings), as well as finished goods ready to ship.

Additional Equipment

We’re equipped with a range of additional equipment to accommodate the diverse markets we serve as a one-stop shop for production and precision machining.

  • Honing Machines
  • Laser Marking Machines
  • Band Saws
  • Engine Lathes
  • Bridgeports

  • Surface Grinders
  • Jig Grinders
  • Thread Grinders
  • Centerless Grinders
  • Center Grinders

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