Gemini Metals Division strives to manufacture the best quality parts delivered at the tight demands of our customers. All of this is possible only with the unique combination of modern equipment, highly trained, dedicated personnel and well-defined processes.


Our quality standards meet or exceed the industry standards. Size repeatability and concentricity of .0002″ or less from the tool shank to the bore are guaranteed by our proven SPC system and quality team manufacturing philosophy.



Several of our Metals Division plants serve the transportation industry, including aluminum extrusion dies for structural components.



Gemini Metals Division is a complete contract-manufacturing source for build to print steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and composite products. With over 80 CNC machine tools, including turning centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC O.D. and CNC I.D. grinders, we can meet your build to print needs.



Our Metals Division provides automotive tooling and components in production and aftermarket volumes.



We are ready and able to provide machined components or tooling to the exacting standards of any military application.



Big or small, our portfolio of machines can handle large parts and accommodate significant material loads with precision. This flexibility allows us to become much more diversified in all types of work.