Two‐Shot Injection Molding and Overmolding Experts

Two-Shot Injection Molding: Multiple Materials, One Integrated Part

If you need two-shot molding, overmolding, or insert molding, you can count on Gemini Group from conception to production.

  • We are fully automated for quality and cost control, have our own internal CMM operations, and design and manufacture our tooling in-house.
  • We’re accustomed to solving high temperature, sealing, and flexible application challenges, particularly with nylon, filled resins, flexible thermoplastics and polypropylene.
  • We offer countless process alternatives, in many cases what other suppliers cannot.

Gemini Group is your one-stop-shop for multi-material and multi-component parts with precise dimensions and ambitious functional requirements. Contact us today to start the conversation.

We’re serious about meeting our customers’ needs, investing over $20 million in innovations in the last year alone. Additionally, no single customer represents more than 12% of our business, so you don’t have to worry about us disappearing any time soon…

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Two‐Shot Injection Molding has many advantages:

  • Lower part costs in production, assembly, handling, and inventory
  • Higher quality parts with low tolerances and a high level of repeatability
  • Secondary operations can be eliminated by consolidating components
  • Increased product reliability and longevity as a result of  improved bonding
  • New design opportunities from a cosmetic and functional standpoint
  • Combine rigid and flexible materials for your most complex projects

We Can Help With

  • Material selection and material flow
  • Gate and parting line design and placement
  • Troubleshooting errors such as short shots and flashing
  • Achieving optimal dimensional stability

…our up-front design review can solve your complications.

Why Choose Gemini Group?

We’re the material and design experts you can count on. 

When a major OEM failed a side impact crash test, Gemini Group partnered with their Tier 1 supplier to develop a two-shot injection molding solution to reinforce the frame. In less than 8 weeks, they had their solution and passed the second crash test.

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