Two-Shot Injection Molding Design Guide

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The Engineer’s Two-Shot Injection Molding Design Guide

The cover of the Two-Shot Injection Molding Design Guide

Two-shot injection molding; a single-cycle process for multi-color, multi-durometer, multi-functional parts.


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Is two-shot molding right for you?

Two-shot, also referred to as dual-shot, dual-injection, double-shot, double-injection, multi-shot, 2k molding, and overmolding, isn’t nearly as convoluted as deciding what you’re going to call it. Whatever you choose, it’s a plastic injection molding process in which two different plastic resins are molded together in a single machining cycle.


The two-shot molding process delivers a high level of accuracy and repeatability and reduces production steps, cycle times, and overall costs compared to traditional molding methods. It allows for complex, multi-durometer, multi-colored, molded parts without the use of secondary processes. It’s no wonder so many engineers are turning to two-shot for their complex molding needs.


With decades of experience in multi-shot injection molding, we know that design is a key driver of the cost and quality of your part. Two-shot design has the power to give your company a competitive advantage or it can bring your project to a screeching halt. But where do you begin?

You may have questions such as:

  • What are the benefits of two-shot molding?
  • Will two-shot injection molding even work for my part?
  • What does the two-shot process look like?
  • What special two-shot design considerations do I need to make?

Perhaps you have challenges with your part regarding:

  • Shut-offs
  • Gate design and location
  • Material compatibility
  • Dimensional stability

We were there once, too. That’s why we created this guide. It provides the fundamentals of injection molding and basic guidelines for designing two-shot injection molded plastic parts – from the perspective of an experienced molder. It really is the next best thing to working directly with our two-shot team. But our team is just a click or phone call away, too!


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