Two-Shot Injection Molded Plastic Parts

A TPI employee inspects two-shot injection molded parts for an automotive application.

Thumb Plastics specializes in manufacturing engineered two-shot injection molded plastic parts for a variety of industries including OEM, Tier-1 Automotive, Lawn and Garden, Industrial, and Medical. Leveraging our knowledge of material and process selection allows us to optimize part design, drive cost out of products, and reduce lead-times.


Two-Shot Injection Molded Plastic Parts: Interior Trim


Automotive OEMs reduce supply chain complexity and product cost with Gemini Group. Being Horizontally Integrated allows Valley Enterprises to leverage Thumb Plastic’s molding capabilities to deliver innovative solutions for interior trim.

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  • Cargo Management Solutions
  • Structural frame components (2-shot)
  • Sealer baffles (2-shot)
  • Speaker grills, bezels, pull cups, close-outs
  • Air induction bellows
  • Insert molding
  • Airbag cover (class B)
  • Polypropylene, Nylon, ABS, TPO

Two-Shot Injection Molded Plastic Parts: Other Industries


In addition to providing two-shot injection molded plastic parts to the automotive industry, Thumb Plastics has also has experience in developing components for the appliance, medical, and agricultural industries. Put us to work for you!