Two Shot / Multi Shot

2 Shot Injection Molding Solutions

When a major OEM failed a side impact crash test, they relied on their Tier 1 supplier and Thumb Plastics to develop a 2 shot injection molding solution to reinforce the frame. In less than 8 weeks, they had their solution and passed the second crash test.

A man inspects a black and green two-shot molded part in a manufacturing facility while talking on the phone with a customer.

The 2 Shot Injection Molding process allows the production of complex moldings from two different polymers during one machining cycle. This has the benefit of creating moldings with different materials and/or with multiple colors. The 2 shot injection molding process creates a very strong bond between the materials injected into the mold. Utilizing this process allows the creation of complex molds with a high level of accuracy and repeatability.


With our in-house Design & Engineering and Tooling Design & Buildcapabilities, we have the expertise to assist you with your 2 shot injection molding project from the concept stage to final production.


Benefits of 2 Shot Molding


Complex Moldings │ 2 Shot Molding allows for the creation of complex mold designs that incorporate multiple materials and/or colors that cannot be achieved through other molding processes


Cost Reductions │ 2 Shot Molding allows multiple components to be molded with a single tool reducing the amount of labor needed to run your parts and eliminating the need to weld or join components after the molding process


Improved Quality │ 2 Shot Molding is carried out within a single tool allowing for lower tolerances that with other molding processes, and a high level of repeatability


Improved Bonding │ 2 Shot Molding assures that each part of your component are made from compatible materials ensuring a strong bond is formed during the molding process improving the reliability and longevity of the component

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Multi Shot Injection Molding


Thumb Plastics specializes in both two shot and multi shot injection molding processes. We service a variety of industries including Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Agricultural, Medical, Consumer, and Appliance.