Two-Shot Injection and Insert/Overmolded Products

Over the past three decades, we have mastered the injection molding process. But we’re more than a mass production shoot-and-ship supplier. Sure, we’re great at producing parts in high volumes, but where we really shine is in combining multiple materials and components in one machining cycle to simplify complex assemblies and enhance the functionality of those parts.


We accomplish this through the strategic use of two-shot injection molding, insert molding, and over molding processes.

Two-Shot Injection Molded Products

Using two-shot injection molding, we can produce two-component or two-color plastic injection molded parts in one machining cycle, reducing overall cycle time and eliminating additional assembly costs. Two-shot is the ideal process for high-volume production of products with the following attributes:

  • Rigid and flexible components
  • Multiple colors and surface grades
  • Vibration and noise dampening characteristics
  • Sealing functionality


Insert/Over Molded Products

Using insert molding and over molding, we can mold plastic directly on to metal components and assemblies, eliminating the need for messy adhesives and fasteners. Insert/over molding is the ideal process for the high-volume production of products with the following features:

  • Plastic grips and handles
  • Metal fasteners
  • Magnets
  • Structural reinforcements


Industries and Applications

Our part design and engineering innovations can be found in a variety of industries including lawn & garden, agricultural, and consumer, but our true expertise lies in the automotive sector with products such as:

  • Expanding structural solutions (SORB rocker & pillars)
  • Expanding sealing solutions (baffles & carriers)
  • Air induction bellows/cuffs
  • Airbag covers

  • Stone/mud guards
  • Air guide seals
  • Spoiler strakes

Engineering Success

Got an idea for a part requiring the innovation of two-shot? Not sure where to start? We have the design and manufacturing experience to help solve your company’s product dilemma and give you a competitive advantage. We believe in proactive communication and collaboration early on in the design and engineering phase. This allows us to incorporate DFM right from the start, eliminating potential problems before they add to your cost and development time.

Want to build quality and low cost into your product? Put us to work for you!