Plastic Extrusion Tooling | Custom Plastic Extrusions

Without question, the economy has taken its toll on the manufacturing sector. Despite this, we're finding significant opportunities, and has the financial strength and experience to perform in the harshest of environments where tooling and part production are transferred overnight.

How can we help make your project a success? Our express intent with every new opportunity is to determine if there is a good fit allowing us to be your provider of extruded plastic products. If a good fit exists, we will assist you with design, material and process selection, pricing, logistics, quality, and resolving DFM/DFA issues. On the other hand if there isn’t a good fit, we'll do our best to connect you with someone who can help.

As a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier, we're comfortable being responsible for the entire design process or assisting you as a design partner. Being Horizontally Integrated gives us the upper hand when determining material and process constraints and limitations, as well as the confidence to stand behind our work.

An exceptional understanding of how to drive cost out of a product is a skill and discipline that differentiates us in the global marketplace.

Speed is everything. Whether you need parts in less than 24 hours or in one week, we have the in-house resources to meet your deadline. Depending on your need, we can produce tooling from wood, epoxy, aluminum, and steel to produce parts for appearance evaluation or physical testing.

Undoubtedly, a major factor influencing the success of your project is the performance of the entire supply chain. Given this, we are committed to procuring low cost, quality components and raw materials from leading industry suppliers.

All of our custom plastic extrusion production tooling is built in-house thus eliminating wasted time and costs associated with engineering changes.

Every program has a cross functional team dedicated to managing your program from commencement to production. Though the use of Advanced Production Quality Planning (APQP), we evaluate each step of your project upfront allowing us to optimize the process and identify areas to drive cost out of your product and reduce time to market.

To ensure that the material properties, tensile strength, push/pull, load, thickness, and all other specifications of your custom plastic injection molding are met, we conduct stringent testing before (PPAP – pre production approval process) and during the plastic extrusion process based on your part design and requirements. Our testing process involves Material Property and Thickness Analysis, Tensile, Push/Pull, and Load Testing, and the use of Spectrometers to ensure your parts optimum performance regardless of final application.