Extruded Plastic Seating Components

Though you may have never seen any of our automotive seating components, chances are you or someone you know are putting them to use every day. Practically speaking, two out of every three automotive seats produced in North America utilize our engineered extruded plastic automotive seating components including:

  • J & Arrow Seating Retainers
  • Beaded Duon
  • Stiffeners
  • Complex Profile Extrusions

Ready to take your extruded seating project to the next level?

Over 7,000 Plastic Extrusion Profiles & Counting…


We have spent decades developing over 7,000 plastic extrusion profiles, so you can be confident that we have the resources and expertise to help you develop your automotive seating component’s profile design. We have the engineering expertise and in-house tooling capabilities to help develop the right profile for your plastic extrusion application.

Extruded plastic J-Clips for seating applications.
Non-woven beaded duon extrusions for seating applications.
Extruded plastic arrow seat retainers.

Extrusion Design


Designing a custom seating extrusion? Learn the fundamentals of extrusion design with our free design guide.

The cover of the plastic extrusion design guide.

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