Secondary Operations

Secondary Plastics Extrusion Operations

In addition to the plastics extrusion process, we offer a variety of in-house secondary operations for your extruded products enabling parts to remain in one location from inception to completion, thereby reducing time to market and eliminating unnecessary shipping costs.

Thermal Bending


Thermal bending, a post extrusion process, involves the application of heat to bend or form a straight, extruded part. It combines the cost saving benefits of extrusion with the forming benefits of injection molding.


Ultrasonic Plastic Welding


Ultrasonic Plastic Welding involves converting high frequency energy into a mechanical motion (vibrations) to create frictional heat in a focused area. This melts the plastic, forming a molecular bond. Ultrasonic Plastic Welding can be used to join plastic to plastic, plastic to vinyl, and plastic to metal.


Benefits of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding include:

  • Flexible and versatile with little tooling changeover or fixture modifications
  • Consistent and repeatable
  • Rapid weld time confined to the bonding or joint area
  • Can replace fasteners and adhesives




We are not simply a plastics extruder. We will fully assemble your parts in-house, eliminating the need for them to be shipped to a different facility before being delivered to you. Fully assembled extruded products are easier to install into their final application saving you time and money.