U-SKIN™ Surface Technology

U-SKIN™ Surface Technology

Tough and functional surface technology for automotive applications.

We innovate with the consumer in mind. The desire for lightweight, customizable, and wear-resistant surfaces led us to develop the U-SKIN™ surface technology. Today, OEMs are utilizing U-SKIN™ for their trunk floors and cargo management systems. And, we are further boosting design flexibility for our customers with the potential to be used in other interior and exterior applications.

Class-A surfaces for trunk floors, cargo systems, and interior and exterior applications.

Design Freedom

Endless opportunities to customize the vehicle with  3D logos, high traction grains, or custom designs.

Full Coverage

Eliminate the unnecessary, bulky mat and save weight and costs while providing consumers with a more attractive alternative.

Convenience for the Consumer

Durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Case Study

When a major OEM was designing an iconic vehicle that gave consumers the freedom to experience the outdoors, they needed a cargo surface that was tough, lightweight and waterproof. The answer was U-SKIN™. We provided a load floor system that enabled the OEM to eliminate the need for a mat which would cover the already trimmed out carpeted load floor. The project eliminated 6lbs of mass in every vehicle fitted with this surface technology. In addition to the weight savings the OEM benefited from a reduction in part numbers and about a $10/vehicle savings.

U-SKIN™ allows for strong, lightweight parts with soft-touch and high traction surfaces.