Load Floors

Automotive Load Floors

While many automotive interior trim companies are compromising structural integrity to meet weight and cost targets, our engineering team is uniquely equipped to help you optimize strength, weight, and appearance objectives of your load floor without sacrificing performance or cost.


We have multiple process under one roof, allowing us to produce your load floor completely in-house:

  • 5 composite spray molding (Baypreg®) cells
  • 3,000-ton injection molding
  • Thermoforming / compression molding
  • Edge wrapping / assembly


Our innovative engineering and quality manufacturing allows us to incorporate a number of features at a low cost:

  • Reversible, washable, brandable B-surface
  • Industry-leading edge-wrapping
  • Living hinges and friction stay-open hinges


We’ve experimented with just about every material for load floors.

  • Composite spray molding (Baypreg®)
  • Hardboard

  • Twin Sheet
  • Natural Fiber

We’ll help you find the best material to meet the cost and performance targets for your next load floor.

Whether you need a Spare Tire Cover or a load floor that is 250 lb Knee Load Certified, we have the design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to assist with every aspect of you project.