Automotive Interior Trim Processes

Gemini Group specializes in a variety of different processes used to produce automotive interior trim components ensuring that your parts are never squeezed into a particular process. Because we have a variety of processes available to produce your parts, we excel at identifying areas to drive cost out of your product and decrease time to market.


Automotive Load Floors

Gemini Group‘s engineering team is uniquely equipped to help you optimize strength, weight, and appearance objectives of your load floor without sacrificing cost.


Rear Window Trim

Rear window trim assemblies are produced in Class A Surface finishes over various substrates in a one step process which molds, laminates and trims the part in a single step.


Cargo Management

Gemini Group predictably designs cargo management systems and launches new programs with exceptional control and speed to market.



Whether you need a vinyl, vacuum wrapped, front row seatback or a carpeted, compression molded 2nd row seatback, you can lean on Gemini Group‘s strong track record with both new domestic and domestic Tier 1’s.


Door Trim & Bolsters

Soft touch materials are wrapped over molded substrates giving automotive door trim and bolsters a Class A surface in addition to structural strength.


Water Shields

Thermoformed water shields, also referred to as water deflectors, protect the vehicle interior by preventing debris, water, and noise from entering the vehicle in the door region.