Plastic Thermoforming

Plastic Thermoforming

We specialize in the process of Plastic Thermoforming in which a of single sheet thermoplastic material is heated and formed utilizing negative air pressure (vacuum) to form various products including water shields, consumer packaging, and headliner stiffeners.


During the plastic thermoforming process, a heated sheet of plastic material is placed over a mold which is then moved towards the sheet and presses against it to create a seal. Next, the application of a vacuum draws out the air between the mold and the sheet so the plastic conforms to the mold exactly. Once the curing temperature is reached and the piece is formed, air is blown back into the mold separating the new part from the mold.


Advantages of Plastic Thermoforming


Low Tooling Costs │ because of the low forming pressure used in the plastic thermoforming process, tools can be made from relatively inexpensive material


Ideal for Large Parts │ because tooling costs are low, plastic thermoforming is an ideal process for small to medium production runs of large parts


Molding Process Selection


Plastic Thermoforming has several advantages, though as with any molding process, there are limitations to the designs that can be achieved and materials that can be used. For more information on choosing the ideal process for your parts, download a free copy of Avoiding the Undisclosed Pitfalls of Plastic Process & Material Selection. Or you can contact us directly at 248-435-7271 or