Compression Molding

Compression Molding

The Compression Molding Process involves forming parts by placing material into a heated metal mold and applying pressure. The amount of material, heat, and force used during the process must be carefully developed and closely monitored to make certain the product attains the desired geometry and shape.


Advantages of Compression Molding

  • Large & Intricate Moldings │ compression molding is an ideal process for molding not only large parts, but also very intricate large parts
  • Low Cost │ compared to other molding techniques, compression molding is one of the lowest cost options for the molding of interior trim components
  • Low Waste │ there is very little wasted material as a result of the compression molding process making it ideal for working with expensive compounds

Molding Process Selection


Though compression molding has several advantages over other molding processes, there are still restrictions and several different ways the compression molding process can be accomplished.


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