Automotive Interior Trim Processes

We specialize in a variety of different processes used to produce automotive interior trim components ensuring that your parts are never squeezed into a particular process. Because we have a variety of processes available to produce your parts, we excel at identifying areas to drive cost out of your product and decrease time to market.



Offers the best strength-to-weight ratio of any material currently available in the marketplace today at a cost competitive with traditional materials.


Compression Molding

Compression molding is utilized for forming high strength and moldable substrates such as hardboard, natural fiber, fiberglass composites, and carpet.


Twin Sheet Molding

Combines the process disciplines of compression molding, blow molding, and vacuum forming to mold, laminate, and trim multiple layers of materials in one step.

Vacuum Forming & Wrapping

Bonds sheet products such as vinyl and soft touch plastics to injection molded substrates for interior trim products such as seatbacks and door bolsters.

Plastic Thermoforming

Single sheet thermoplastic materials are heated and formed utilizing negative air pressure to form various products including water shields and consumer packaging.

Other Processes

Including CNC Routering, Die Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Edge Wrapping, Welding, Heat Staking, Riveting, Robotic Adhesive Spray, Roll Cutting, and Sewing.