Simulation Software

Blow Molding Simulation Software

A blow molding engineer reviews a process simulation of his latest design.

Take the Guess Work Out of Part Design


Despite popular opinion, blow molding is science, not art. While many molders in the industry continue to rely on trial-and-error methods to refine mold and product designs, Regency Plastics utilizes cutting edge software to optimize part weight and tailor wall thickness of our customers’ parts. Our engineers’ decades of experience in blow molding is supplemented with state of the art blow molding simulation software that takes the guess work out of the design process.

  • This software not only transfers trial-and-error discovery to the computer at an earlier point in the design phase, but it does so in a way that allows tools to be cut in fewer steps at less cost
  • The software has the ability to predict parison extrusion and inflation, die swell, warpage, and other behaviors
  • Simulation bypasses the need for prototype tooling, cuts mold cost, and reduces delivery time
  • Product development time decreased as much as 40 percent
  • Existing industrial part got a 25% weight reduction, 10% cycle time reduction and quality improvement. New part debug time is reduced by 6-8 weeks.