Blow Molding Process

A bird's eye view of men working on various blow molding cells.

We specialize in manufacturing engineered blow molded products for a variety of industries including OEM, Tier-1 Automotive, Lawn and Garden, Industrial, and Medical. Leveraging our knowledge of material and process selection allows us to optimize part design, drive cost out of products, and reduce lead-times.


Extrusion Blow Molding

We can accommodate machine sizes from ½ lb to 35 lbs and we will ready and able to assist you on material, process, pricing, logistics, quality, and DFM/DFA issues


Design & Engineering Services

We optimize part design for the blow molding process: design for manufacturability, design for assembly, design for lowest cost. We are capable of being 100% design responsible or coming along side as a design partner


Blow Molding Simulation Software

We utilize cutting edge software to optimize part weight and tailor wall thickness of our customers’ parts


In-house Tooling Design & Build

We have the engineering expertise to help your company develop or refine your blow molded fluid reservoir design in order to optimize part performance while driving cost out of your product


Welding & Assembly

Whether your blow molded part is large or small, simple or complex, we specialize in a variety of techniques used for welding plastic: Infrared Welding, Hot Plate Welding, and Ultrasonic Welding


In-Process Testing

We conduct blow molding testing before (PPAP – pre production approval process) and during the blow molding process based on your part’s design and requirements