Truck Cargo Box

Blow Molded Truck Cargo Box


Advancements in blow molding technology and materials have made it possible to replace traditional aluminum or steel truck cargo boxes with plastic boxes. Among the many benefits are a 25%-30% weight save and easy installation and removal without having to drill holes into the truck bed.

If you’re thinking about making the switch from metal to plastic for your next truck cargo box, we should talk. You deserve a partner with experience in design and manufacturing innovation, and we will deliver.

A front-view of a plastic blow molded truck cargo box for side-storage in pickup beds.

Designed to maximize cargo space in the truck bed.

Lockable handle keeps cargo secured.

Easy to install by attaching to existing D-rings.

Case Study: Full-Length Side Storage Boxes

When a major automotive OEM needed full-length side storage cargo boxes for their light duty pickup, they turned to us to push the limits of blow molding capability. At 6’7”, these boxes are some of the industry’s largest blow molded automotive parts.


The Challenge:

Design and manufacture lightweight, full-length plastic cargo boxes that meet all OEM performance requirements. In addition, they need to fit over the wheel wells and utilize the bed space very efficiently, maintaining enough space for larger items like 4’x6’ drywall and other building materials to be stored in the bed.


The Solution:

Utilizing glass-filled polypropylene, the boxes and lids are blow molded in color (MIC) with graining to achieve the required durability and surface finish. Next, the holes are drilled, and excess material is trimmed. Finally, the cargo box is assembled using a one-piece flow in which both the boxes and lids move down the assembly line parallel to each other to install the latch bezel, handle, weather seals, and secondary seals.


The Result:

An innovative new take on truck cargo boxes: a lightweight, structurally sound, completely sealed cargo box that’s easy to install and maximizes the storage space in a truck bed. Impressed with the results, the OEM nominated the truck cargo box for the SPE Automotive Innovation Award – Aftermarket Category.