HVAC Ducts

HVAC Ducts

We are honored to announce that Regency Plastics has been awarded two first place awards for Under Floor Insulated HVAC Duct (Backhoe) in the SPE Annual Blow Molding Conference Parts Competition.

Regency Plastics specializes in the manufacturing of custom blow molded HVAC duct components and assemblies. Whether your project calls for:

  • IP Ducts
  • Console Ducts
  • Floor Ducts
  • Seating Ducts
  • SWD Ducts
  • Headliner Ducts

Regency has the resources and expertise to assist with engineering, tooling, and production needs.

Our experience in blow molding HVAC ducts tells us the best way to drive cost out is by optimizing part design so wall thickness can be minimized. This lowers the finished part price by reducing material cost and speeding up the blow molding cycle time.


For more information regarding blow molding design considerations, download a copy of our free Blow Molding Design Guideline.

Blow Molded Product Gallery: HVAC Components

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