Fluid Reservoirs

Blow Molded Fluid Reservoirs

A collection of blow molded fluid reservoirs for automotive applications.

Reducing part weight by minimizing wall thickness is one of the best ways to drive cost out of blow molded fluid reservoirs. OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers rely on Regency Plastics’ engineering expertise to assist with the development and refinement of their part designs. Utilizing cutting edge blow molding simulation software allows us to:

  • Optimize part design
  • Minimize wall thickness
  • Maintain performance requirements
  • Eliminate the need for re-tooling

We also specialize in Insert Blow Molding which allows us to integrate molded ports, clips, and brackets into your fluid reservoir assembly during the molding step of the manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for secondary processes such as welding and manual assembly.


If you are involved in the development of a:

  • Fluid Reservoir
  • Windshield Washer Reservoir
  • Radiator Surge Tank
  • Coolant Surge Tank

Regency Plastics has the engineering expertise to help your company optimize part performance while driving cost out of your product.

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Case Study: Windshield Washer Reservoirs


A major Tier 1 automotive company saved approximately $76,000 on tooling costs. This was achieved by optimizing part design of their windshield washer reservoirs. Further savings were achieved as Regency worked in coordination with our sister-company Thumb Plastics to supply the injection molded reservoir cap.


Regency was able to decrease overall cost of the windshield washer reservoirs and shorten time to market by over a month. In most cases, our customers enjoy lead times 2 to 4 weeks shorter than our competitors.