DEF Tanks

Blow Molded DEF Tanks

Regency Plastics engineers and manufactures eco-friendly products including blow molded DEF tanks (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and Urea tanks for diesel engine powered vehicles and heavy machinery. Blow molding provides an excellent alternative to traditionally rotomolded tanks.

Blow Molding vs. Rotomolding

  • Lighter part weight
  • Shorter cycle times and lower cost (@ 3,000 pieces break point)
  • Porosity – the blow molding process uses one solid parison resulting in parting line integrity while rotomolding uses lose material melted down in-mold creating voids in the wall of your product, especially at the parting line and near inserts
  • De-flash material is reusable in blow molding

EPA Requirements


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires all diesel engines larger than 3 liters (.79 gallons) produced after January 1, 2010 to be equipped with a DEF or Urea system. These systems help clean up exhaust fumes leaving the engine by removing the nitrogen oxide (NOx) as well as help increase fuel efficiency by reducing overall fuel consumption.

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