Construction & Agriculture

Construction & Agricultural Products

We provide automotive-standard quality and tolerances to every product we produce. If you are involved in the development of:

  • Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • DEF Tanks
  • Fluid Reservoirs
  • Structural Components (Seating, Consoles, Panels)
  • Air Intake Ducts
  • HVAC Ducts

We have the engineering expertise to help you design any of these products from scratch, help you modify an existing design, or converting from rotomolding to blow molding.


Cutting edge blow molding simulation software allows for design feasibility testing and optimization of part design before any tooling is performed. And our in-house tooling capabilities eliminate any non value-added time and cost associated with engineering changes.


Weight (and cost) Saving Solutions


With skyrocketing fuel prices and government-mandated fuel economies, weight reduction is on the top of every automotive OEMs list. But we have been helping all our customers do this for years. By converting traditionally metal parts such as seat pans, DEF tanks, and intake ducts to plastic, we’ve been able to decrease part weight as well as cost.