Air Intake Assemblies

Blow Molded Air Intake Assemblies

The multitude of engineering and design changes associated with the development of air intake assemblies make in-house tooling capabilities a major asset in reducing lead times and controlling cost. 


Additional cost savings can be achieved by consolidating part design. The blow molding process allows air intake ducts, resonators, tuners, and injection molded plastic cuffs to be integrated into a one-piece assembly.


Blow Molded Air Intake Components

Regency Plastics has extensive experience in producing a full range of blow molded air intake components:

  • Clean Air Ducts & Assemblies
  • Dirty Air Ducts

  • Resonators & Tuners
  • Injection Molded Bellows, Cuffs, and Ports

Blow Molded Product Gallery: Air Intake

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