Technical Blow Molded Products

Two men working on blow molded products at the Regency Plastics manufacturing facility.

Regency Plastics specializes in manufacturing engineered blow molded products for a variety of industries including OEM, tier-1 automotive, lawn and garden, industrial, and medical. Leveraging our knowledge of material and molding process selection allows us to optimize part design, drive cost out of products, and reduce lead-times on highly technical molded products.


Here is a sample of some of our custom blow molded parts:

An extrusion blow molded plastic air intake assembly.

Air Intake Assemblies

Blow molding allows air intake ducts, resonators, tuners, and injection molded plastic cuffs to be integrated into a one-piece assembly.

A plastic blow molded DEF tank.

DEF Tanks

Blow molding DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tanks is an excellent alternative to traditionally this roto-molded product allowing them to be lighter and produced more quickly.

An assortment of plastic blow molded fluid reservoirs.

Fluid Reservoirs

Regency Plastics has the engineering expertise to help your company develop or refine your blow molded fluid reservoir design in order to optimize part performance while driving cost out of your product.

A blow molded plastic part for construction and agriculture vehicles.

Construction & Agricultural

The same high standards required from the automotive industry go into every one of our blow molded products including: diesel fuel tanks, fluid reservoirs, ducts, and structural components.

An assortment of blow molded seats for lawn and garden.

Lawn & Garden

Over 60% of our blow molded products go to the lawn & garden industry. Products include: fuel and oil tanks, fluid reservoirs, tubes, plastic ducts, sleeves, cases, and seating products.

An assortment of blow molded plastic HVAC ducts and components.

HVAC Ducts

Our experience in blow molding HVAC ducts tells us the best way to drive cost out is by optimizing part design so wall thickness can be minimized. This lowers the finished part price by reducing material cost and speeding up the blow molding cycle time.

An assortment of blow molded seat belt boots and sleeves.

Seatbelt Boots & Sleeves

Whether you need a color matched PVC or a soft touch TPO seatbelt boot, Regency has the product experience to assist you in material selection. We specialize in blow molding Class A, grained surfaces in over 35 colors