Technical Blow Molded Products

We are a Michigan-based global supplier of engineered blow molded products for a variety of industries, including OEM and Tier-1 automotive, lawn and garden, industrial, and medical. Specializing in technical extrusion blow molding, we achieve complex part geometries that most blow molding companies shy away from. Contact us today for a custom solution to your next blow molding challenge.

A blow molded products photographed at multiple angles.

We are your guide from concept to production, helping you optimize part design, drive cost out, and reduce lead-times by leveraging over 35 years of experience in:

  • production quality planning
  • value added / value engineered
  • production part approval process
  • materials and process selection

  • design and engineering
  • B-SIM process simulation
  • rapid prototyping
  • in-house production tooling

  • Kaizen lean manufacturing
  • secondary operations and assembly
  • in-process testing and validation
  • packaging, kitting, and shipping

Custom Blow Molded Parts

Blow molding is the most cost-effective manufacturing process for the production of hollow parts in high volumes. Many people think the process is limited to more standard water bottles or containers, but as you can see below, it can accommodate product designs with seemingly impossible part geometries.

An assortment of blow molded plastic HVAC ducts and components.

HVAC Ducts

Our experience in blow molding HVAC ducts tells us the best way to drive cost out is by minimizing wall thickness. This lowers the finished part price by reducing material cost and speeding up the blow molding cycle time. We can help you do that.

An air intake assembly combining multiple blow molded parts.

Air Intake Assemblies

Our technical blow molding processes allow air intake ducts, resonators, tuners, and injection molded plastic cuffs to be integrated into a one-piece assembly – something other blow molding suppliers often shy away from.

A custom blow molded plastic part for construction and agriculture vehicles.

DEF Tanks

Blow molding is an excellent alternative for parts traditionally created via roto-molding – including DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) tanks. This allows for mass production with a shorter cycle time, lighter part weight, and lower costs.

An assortment of plastic blow molded fluid reservoirs.

Fluid Reservoirs

We have the engineering expertise to help your company develop or refine your blow molded fluid reservoir product design in order to optimize part performance while driving cost out.


Lawn & Garden

Over 60% of our plastic blow molded products are used in the lawn and garden industry. Products include fuel and oil tanks, fluid reservoirs, tubes, plastic ducts, sleeves, cases, and seating products.

A plastic blow molded DEF tank.

Construction & Agricultural

The same high standards required from the automotive industry go into every one of our technical molded products. These include diesel fuel tanks, fluid reservoirs, ducts, and structural components.

An assortment of blow molded seat belt boots and sleeves.

Seatbelt Boots & Sleeves

Whether you need a color matched PVC or a soft touch TPO seatbelt boot, we have the experience to assist you in material selection for your custom plastic parts. We specialize in blow molding Class A, grained surfaces in over 35 colors.

The cover of the Technical Blow Molding Look Book, a collection of high-resolution photos of custom blow molded parts.

Blow Molding Look Book

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or just want a better idea of what blow molding can accomplish, download our Blow Molding Look Book. It contains high-resolution photos of technical blow molded products you can analyze and compare to your existing concept or design.


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Are you sourcing a blow molded product with complex geometries? If  need at least 3,000 parts per project, or purchase north of $100,000 annually in blow molding, we should talk. Contact us today for an accurate and timely quote.

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