Forge Tooling Systems

Forge Tooling Systems

We are a preferred partner for the design and development of world-class hot, cold, and warm forge tooling systems, proudly made in the USA. From bolsters and cassettes to dies and punches, we have the experience and capabilities to extend the life of your forge tooling.

Forging Industry Experience

We have a proven track record of improving forging operations across the country. Our team has a deep level of industry knowledge and experience, and not just on the tooling side. Our technical and manufacturing experience enables us to recommend material and design modifications to enhance tool performance, extend tool life, and improve your operation’s efficiency.

We’re always ready to meet you on-site for a consultation and troubleshooting.

Reducing the Cost of Your Forging Process

We’re here to help your company eliminate wasted time, money and other precious resources. That’s why we created the “Reducing the Cost of Your Forging Process” e-book.  Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send you a copy right away!

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How We Can Help

With many of our team members known around the forging industry as experts, we’re here to help you improve your entire forging operations with our experience and expertise. Our team members are often called on by our customers to help when things aren’t going as planned. We’re also there in the planning stages to assist with design, material selection, treatment selection and many other aspects of design and production to ensure efficient operations.


No matter where you are in your forging journey, you can rely on us!

Forge Tooling Capabilities

Whether it’s high-usage tooling such as punches, dies, funnels, and mandrels, or full forge tooling systems complete with bolsters and cassettes, we have you covered.


View our equipment and capabilities here:


Bolsters & Cassettes

Forging Punches


Mandrels and Rolls

Impression Dies

Tool Durability

Forge tooling undergoes some of the most extreme temperatures and compressive forces found in manufacturing. The choice of material, surface finish, hardening techniques, and coatings is critical to the life of your tool. We can help with that. We know what it takes to reduce friction and wear and improve strength and fatigue resistance of your tools.


We offer a variety of options to improve the durability of your forge tooling, including in-house heat treatment, cryogenic treatment, black oxide, and ion-nitriding treatments, as well as partnering with a selection of specialized coating providers to maximize tool durability.


Our proprietary heat treat/cryo/coating combination has proven to significantly reduce our customers’ cost.

Stocking Programs

Our stocking programs for high-usage tools offer the benefits of reduced lead times, lower inventory costs, and volume-based pricing.  Our customers have realized savings of 25-40% on a per-tool basis, as well as delivery times of only 2-5 days!


Ask us how a tool stocking program could be implemented in your shop.

Dedicated Equipment

Our dedication to forge tooling is evident upon your first visit to our facility. We continue to invest in the finest machining equipment, allowing us to meet your most stringent tooling demands.


We employ the best machinists, programmers, and equipment, all dedicated to assuring your tooling meets the intense demands of your operation.  We’ve streamlined our manufacturing processes to decrease lead times and create efficiency savings that we pass on to our customers.

Customers Who Trust Gemini Group℠

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