Aluminum Die Cast Tooling

Aluminum Die Cast Tooling

Every die we make is designed utilizing the latest CAD/CAM software which is networked directly with our CNC machining tools to provide a seamless flow of information, precision, and repeatability. Designs are based on years of accumulated experience and customer feedback.


The majority of our dies cast tooling is used in automotive-related, aluminum foundries. The castings made from the tooling and dies manufactured by us are sold to Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda, and other automotive OEMs. With years of experience serving the tight quality and timing standards of these automotive OEMs, you can count on us to meet the needs of your next die cast tooling project.

European Partnership


Our aluminum die cast tooling business unit is honored to partner with an industry-leading die cast tooling manufacturer in Europe:

Heck+Becker GmbH & Co; a large tool manufacturer in Dautphetal, Germany with over 80 years of international tool building.

This partnership enables our customers the opportunity to utilize our partners’ engineering, R&D, testing and analysis, and manufacturing capabilities.


In addition, we provide Heck+Becker customers with preferred service, maintenance, repair, spare parts as their source for die cast tooling repair and refurbishment in North America.


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Production equipment includes:

  • CNC wire EDM machines
  • CNC sinkers
  • Complete heat treating and nitriding capabilities

  • CNC machining centers and lathes
  • Manual milling machines, lathes, and drill presses
  • And more