Sales & Technical Support

Customer Support

Two men enjoying a walk through an extrusion tooling plant.

  • National & International Customer Base
  • Decades of successful communication with the Extruder

  • Video Conferencing
  • Strong relationships with suppliers


Enthusiastic representatives, who have been expertly trained in the aluminum extrusion industry through the culmination of decades of experience, are ready to serve and support our customers throughout the life of their order!

We strive to promote ongoing communication with our customers to ensure accurate information that translates into the expeditious production of a quality end product.

In fact, our representatives travel the world over to form strong alliances with our customers. We believe in direct contact with our customers and by putting ourselves in their manufacturing environments, we are better able to support their needs every step of the way.

Order Processing

Our Order Processing Department will assist you the moment your order begins. This is where we encourage our customers to initiate their orders and where we begin the process by reviewing and activating all orders.

When we are certain that all the information is accurate and complete, it is then sent to our engineering and technical staff members that work closely together to design a quality and productive die. From the moment you initiate an order, we are there to guide and direct your order throughout all of its phases including, order processing, engineering, and manufacturing.

Start your order in one of four convenient ways:

Whatever method you choose, your order will be secure, accurate, and processed within minutes by our Sales & Order Processing Departments.

Technical Support

Two engineers enjoying working on a project together.

We’re dedicated to finding innovative solutions to difficult and complicated extrusions with the goal of producing long-term answers and solutions for our customers. Our Technical Specialists have decades of combined experience not only in the design and construction of aluminum extrusion tooling, but also in problem solving.

Communication is the key. Our goal here is to secure our customer’s production every step of the way. That is why we believe in conducting business in a pro-active manner. Our specialists will help you customize your die designs in order to minimize die trials and corrections and to ensure sound construction throughout the manufacturing process.

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