Profile Programming

Our CAD/CAM system is completely integrated to machining centers, including our CNC Mill and Wire EDM machines. Our modern CNC equipment then machines tools to extreme tolerances. These become dies that will produce a high quality extrusion rapidly and with very little waste.

Our Engineering Department uses the latest in design software which allows us the opportunity to develop new and creative methods of producing hollow designs.

Thumb Tool and Engineering engineers working on CAD designs facing their computer.
Thumb Tool and Engineering engineers working on CAD designs facing the camera.

 Customer Support – Engineering


Excellence in both solid and hollow die design is the top priority of our Engineering Department

  • Impressive Bank of Die Design Knowledge
  • Design File Base of more than 500,000 successful dies
  • Intra-net Customer Specification bulletin board
  • In-house customized software writer to meet specific machining programs
  • CAD/CAM computer systems are networked together with our CNC machines, giving a seamless flow of information, precision, and repeatability


Our Engineering Department completes up to 500 designs a week, including press tooling. We produce profiles to customer specifications and as we receive the geometry, dimensions and tolerances are checked.


The result of the collaborative efforts of our engineering and technical staff specialists are dies that run successfully first time more than 90% the time.