Plastic Industries




No other industry operates in an environment where the competition is as ruthless, the product is as diverse, and the demand for continuous improvement is as relentless.



An up and coming medical cart manufacturer in Southeast Michigan needed a cable management, close-out solution that satisfied the following:

  • Lightweight
  • Imitates the look and feel of anodized aluminum
  • Rigidity without compromising ease of assembly
  • Cleanable surface
  • Mission Accomplished.



For over 20 years, the big boys in the lawn and garden industry have relied on Gemini Group for product design guidance, material selection advice, and world class competitiveness.


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Innovate or die trying.


More than ever appliance manufactures need suppliers who refuse to be okay with the status quo. Process expertise is no longer enough. Today’s supplier must be tuned into the voice of the customer…you, your engineering people, your purchasing strategy, your goals.



From concept to prototype to production, Gemini has the in-house resources to assist you in bringing your product to market.


Over 95% of tooling is produced in-house enabling us to control and deliver on cost and timing commitments.



Visited a tractor cockpit lately? If not, you’d probably be surprised by how things have changed.


Gemini’s manufacturing expertise transcends industry lines and is helping agricultural equipment companies stay ahead of the curve.