Request a Feasibility Assessment

Request a Feasibility Assessment

Why Start With Feasibility?

You’ve spent months perfecting your component design and, in theory, everything checks out. Finally, it’s time to build! Not so fast – too many times have people like you been burned once they reach the manufacturing stage. Problems arise during the forming of your part, such as splitting, thinning, inconsistency, decreased material strength, and unacceptable tolerances to name a few. We’re here to prevent that.


The purpose of our free feasibility assessment is see if your concept can be produced with the manufacturing processes we have available today while simultaneously meeting your quality, production rate, cost, and other requirements. This allows us to identify and correct potential problem areas before they become a problem.Some of the key criteria we evaluate include:

  • Producibility
  • Critical manufacturing processes
  • Special tooling requirements
  • Test and demonstration requirements
  • Alternate design approaches
  • Anticipated risk and potential cost and schedule impacts

In short, we answer the question, “What’s it going to take to build this?”

Who We Work With

We typically work with large customers such as OEMs, Tier 1s, and Tier 2s. The majority of our accounts require at least 10,000 parts annually and have an annual buy north of $100,000. If this sounds like you, we should connect. Just complete the form below and we’ll contact you personally.

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