A group shot of Thumb Tool and Engineering's summer interns.

Gemini Group Intern Spotlight

Intern Spotlight

Intern Spotlight: Thumb Tool & Engineering

Welcome to the third installment of Gemini Group’s “Intern Spotlight” series, created to celebrate our bright young interns as they build the skills they need to thrive in today’s workplace. The series will feature new interns each week, grouped by Gemini Group location.


This week we’re highlighting interns working in various disciplines at Gemini Group‘s aluminum extrusion tooling facility, Thumb Tool & Engineering. They are just five of Gemini Group’s 33 summer interns spread among nine locations and 26 departments. Stay tuned to meet more talented young professionals in next week’s edition.

Payten Heleski – Lean Intern

Secondary Education: Ubly High School


Post-Secondary Education: Saginaw Valley State University


Area of Interest: Business Administration


Internship Goals: I hope to gain more knowledge about the Gemini Group as a whole. I plan to learn as much about Lean as I can this summer. After I get my yellow belt in Lean, I will eventually be able to get my green belt in Lean Six Sigma training. I hope that I can successfully accomplish the maintenance hardware organization project that I started. I also hope to be able to help solve the problem with our dummy block’s by collecting data and creating a current state of the new dummy block process.


Interesting Fact: Payten has three dogs

Josie Fitzpatrick – Data Analysis Intern

Secondary Education: Bad Axe High School


Post-Secondary Education: Spring Arbor University


Area of Interest: Social Work


Internship Goals: Learning more about HR and employees’ rights. Being able to speak safety issues in front of people. Bettering the workplace by keeping machines regulated and safe. Working with new people on projects


Interesting Fact: Josie can ride a unicycle

Noah Krueger – R&D Intern

Secondary Education: Ubly High School


Post-Secondary Education: Central Michigan University


Area of Interest: Computer Science


Internship Goals: Learning advanced coding techniques. Learn things that are related to my major that will help me in my career. Develop my overall coding abilities


Interesting Fact: Noah will eat anything that is fried

Emily Booms – Data Analysis Intern

Secondary Education: Harbor Beach High School


Post-Secondary Education: Grand Valley State University


Area of Interest: Accounting and Management Information Systems


Internship Goals: More real world experience. Looking for solidification in my majors at college. Learn new processes.     Gain more confidence in my abilities


Interesting Fact: Emily is in Board Game club at GVSU and she owns 30 unique board games

James Kervin – Engineering Intern

Secondary Education: Bad Axe High School


Post-Secondary Education: Michigan State University


Area of Interest: Electrical Engineering


Internship Goals: Gaining some experience with electrical components. Gaining a more in depth knowledge or creating in excel. Experience working in a manufacturing setting. Experience working with technical programs


Interesting Fact: James has coached 5 basketball camps & 1 year of 3rd/4th grade basketball

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