About Us

“Gemini Group contributes to the safety, comfort, convenience and sustainability of our society, our customers and our employees through the innovative manufacturing of engineered plastic and metal products.”

Our Values

  • Integrity – Govern by moral and ethical business practices & transactions

  • Safety & Security – Provide a safe and secure work environment for employees

  • Loyalty – Provide jobs with competitive salaries and benefits in the communities where we do business

  • Stability – Ensure long term financial sustainability of businesses and its employees

  • Diversity – Of business units, processes, product types, customers, industries

Our Heritage

The Plastics Segment. The formation of Gemini Group began in 1972, when Gemini Plastics was established in Ubly, Michigan. At first, Gemini Plastics only specialized in seat belt sewing and seat belt boot blow molding. As customers’ cut and sew operations began moving to Mexico, Gemini pursued additional opportunities to serve the automotive seating market which led to a new profile extrusion operation (Sierra Plastics).


During the next two decades, Gemini’s plastics segment continued to grow through the acquisition of an injection molding company (Thumb Plastics, Inc.), creation of a blow molding company (Regency Plastics) and the development of an interior trim manufacturing operation (Valley Enterprises).


The Metals Side of Things. In 1979, Gemini partnered with a precision machining company (CKS Precision Machining & Briney Tooling Systems) and a year later added a full service production machining operation (Axly Production Machining), in doing so, a metals segment was forged. In 1998, the metals segment continued to expand with the addition of an aluminum extrusion die company (Thumb Tool & Engineering).


Gemini Group is Formed. Each company operated individually until 1996, at which time this diverse group of plastics and metals entities were joined under one parent company, Gemini Group, Inc. Since that time, Gemini Group has developed into a highly successful, multi-industry enterprise recognized for our industry expertise, extensive manufacturing footprint, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Recent History. In 2011, in order to keep pace with the southern migration of automotive assembly, Gemini Plastics opened a sister plant in Saltillo, Mexico: Gemini Plastics de Mexico (profile extrusion).


The metals segment continued to expand its capabilities as well as geographic reach in 2013 with the additions of Mid-South Extrusion Die (aluminum extrusion tooling), Central Extrusion Die (aluminum extrusion tooling), and Consolidated Tool (die cast tooling). This partnership positioned Gemini Group as the title of second largest producer of aluminum extrusion dies and tooling in North America.


Today. Gemini Group is the largest employer in Huron County, Michigan, where we operate four plastic plants and three metal plants. Our manufacturing plants in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, El Paso, Texas, and Saltillo, Mexico are positioned to serve our customers in the Southern U.S. and Mexico.

Some of the Problems we Help Solve.

Companies don’t do business, people do. People just like you come to us for a number of reasons; the most frequent are listed below. As you look down the list, do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have a supplier who is quickly becoming financially unstable
  • Overall lack of responsiveness from the current supplier
  • Don’t have a go-to source who helps you drive cost out of your products
  • Not getting the engineering or program management support despite the technical nature of your products
  • Current supplier is just a “build to print” manufacturer and doesn’t bring any new ideas to the table
  • You inherited an under performing supplier and they need to go
  • Optimizing your supply base to reduce supplier management and logistics costs, and streamline purchasing operations
  • Your gut is telling you that your supplier is price gouging through engineering changes (supplier under-quoted business and is attempting to recoup costs)
  • Supplier is hesitant to change for the better, and while the short-term looks okay, the long-term is uncertain
  • Supplier is squeezing your product into their process verses optimizing the part design for the most cost effective manufacturing process


If you are facing one of the above situations or just want to have some discussion around how Gemini may be able to assist with your unique situation.