In House Tooling Design

In-house Injection Molding Tooling Design & Build

At Thumb, we design and build all injection molding tools in-house. Our injection molding design capabilities allow us to provide rapid prototypes of your parts as well as eliminate wasted time and cost associated with shipping your mold to different facilities for tooling or engineering purposes. This meansfaster implementation of engineering changes and shorter time to marketfor your injection molded parts.


Our customers also enjoy the benefit of Convertible Tooling. One of the first steps Thumb Plastics takes when developing any new injection molding design project is Stage Tooling. This involves assessing the feasibility of building prototype tooling that converts to production tooling. This eliminates redundant tooling investment and further reduces lead-time.


In-house Injection Molding Design


Thumb Plastics has FEA engineers on staff to aid you in optimizing the design of your injection molded parts to maximize performance while driving cost out.