Blow Molding Process

Blow Molding Plastics

Regency Plastic specializes in blow molding plastic products for the automotive, lawn and garden, medical, industrial, and consumer industries. And it is from this experience that we know the importance of seeing each project through from inception to final production.


First and foremost, Regency’s express intent with each new opportunity is to determine if there is a good fit. If there is, we will assist you on material, process, pricing, logistics, quality, and DFM/DFA issues. On the other hand, if there isn’t a good fit we will do our best to connect you with someone who is better suited to fill the needs of your specific project.


Plastic Compression Molding


Insert Molding and Compression Molding can be combined with the process of Blow Molding plastic in order to consolidate processes. Typically, blow molding plastic is suited for tight control of the outer diameter (OD) of a part but does not allow for completely accurate tolerances of the interior diameter (ID). By combining the plastic compression molding process with the blow molding process, we can precisely control both the OD and ID of your part.


Plastic Insert Molding


In the case of integrating plastic Inset Molding with the process of blow molding plastic, we can incorporate fasteners and/or other inset molded parts within the mold. This allows the plastic inset moldings to be joined with the blow molded component instantly eliminating the need for riveting or other joining processes afterwards. This eliminates steps in the production process which add time without adding value thereby driving cost out of your parts and creating a stronger bond between the blow molded and insert molded components.