Two‐Shot Injection Molding Technology

Don’t ever get pigeon-holed into a process again.

Embrace technology, eliminate confusion, and simplify your challenge. Enter, Gemini Group…


We don’t aim to be the biggest. We aim to be the BEST – With decades of two-shot molding experience and a lineup of 39 presses ranging from 85 to 1,000 tons, Gemini Group is the top tier choice for complex parts with precise dimensions and ambitious functional requirements.


Our material experts are accustomed to solving high temperature, sealing, and flexible application challenges, particularly with nylon, filled resins, flexible thermoplastics and polypropylene. We offer countless process alternatives, in many cases what other suppliers cannot.


We’re the material and design experts you can count on.


When a major OEM failed a side impact crash test, we partnered with their Tier 1 supplier to develop a 2 shot injection molding solution to reinforce the frame. In less than 8 weeks, they had their solution and passed the second crash test.


Whether your part design has challenges with…

  • short shots
  • flashing
  • gate design & placement
  • material flow
  • dimensional stability
  • or parting line design

…our up-front design review can solve your complications.


Two‐Shot Injection Molding has many advantages:

  • Lower part costs in production, assembly, handling, and inventory
  • Higher quality parts with low tolerances and a high level of repeatability
  • Secondary operations can be eliminated by consolidating components
  • Increased product reliability and longevity as a result of  improved bonding
  • New design opportunities from a cosmetic and functional standpoint
  • Combine rigid and flexible materials for your most complex projects


If you need insert molding, over‐molding, or true two‐shot molding, you can count on Gemini Group from conception to production. We are fully automated for quality and cost control, have our own internal CMM operations, and design and manufacture our end‐of‐arm tooling in-house. We’re also serious about meeting our customers’ needs, investing over $20 Million in innovations in the last year alone. Additionally, no single customer represents more than 12% of our business, so you don’t have to worry about us disappearing any time soon…



Contact us today to learn how sophisticated and complex can become oh-so-easy!