Now Producing Disposable Lens Cuffs (DLC’s) for CAPR® Helmets

To keep our healthcare professionals safe, Gemini Group has added production capability to produce protective face shields for MaxAir’s CAPR® Helmets. The disposable face shields are being supplied directly to hospitals.


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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and critical personal protective equipment for healthcare workers became scarce, Gemini Group added production capabilities to produce DLC’s for the MaxAir’s CAPR® helmets.


The DLC is a full-face cover (eyes, nose, mouth) that does not require goggles and provides a high protection factor. It provides healthcare professionals with a full, clear field of view and allows full patient communication that does not limit non-verbal communication.


Staying true to our values, Gemini Group is supporting our communities in times of crisis. If you have a need for other personal protective equipment that we may be able to manufacture, please let us know.

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